A normal dungeon.

Dungeons can be entered through Holes in the Overworld. These Holes require ladders to be placed on them before the player can successfully enter a Dungeon. Note: There is still a 1 in 50 chance that the player will die even when a ladder is placed on the Hole.


Currently there are three dungeon themes:

  • Normal Dungeons: Added in v0.1.4, these dungeons are made of green bricks and are inhabited by ghasts.
  • Hell Dungeons: Added in v0.3.0, these dungeons are made of reddish bricks and are inhabited by demons. Along with the addition of these dungeons came the addition of breakable pots.
  • Sand Dungeons: Added in v0.4.0, these are made of sandstone bricks and are primarily inhabited by scorpions.

Chests and PotsEdit

Dungeons contain two types of chests, locked steel chests and wooden chests. Steel Chests contain better items but need to be opened using a Gold Key that is dropped by the inhabitants of the Dungeon. If you don't have a key, you can use Lock Picks to attempt to pry open the chest (Lock Picks can be found in wooden chests).

v0.3.0 also added breakable pots. Right-click the pots to break them.


Each dungeon room is separated by a portal. By walking into the portal in the top left corner of each room, you will be transported to the next room. The final room will teleport you back to the first room.

One of the rooms will also contain a Dungeon Statue, these allow you to recover sanity whilst standing next to it.

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