Stats refer to the main stats each character in Crawle has: blood content, temperature, energy, thirst, sanity and hunger.

Blood contentEdit

This is the amount of blood remaining in your character's body. Blood can be lost by "bleeding out".

In order to stop bleeding out, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. You will either need leaves, bear fur or rabbit fur.
  2. Right click one of the three above items and select "Wrap around wound."
  3. You will then need string.
  4. Right click the string and select "Tie around wound."


Temperature was introduced in v0.7.0. This is your body's temperature: if it gets too high or too low you will die. v0.9.0 will revamp the current temperature system.


Energy is one of your character's most important stats. It manages how long you can sprint for and how long you can do specific tasks (such as fighting, chopping trees and mining).

As of v0.7.0, low energy will cause you to black out - too many black outs will result in death. Also as of v0.7.0, you can sleep inside buildings you create in order to recover energy.


Thirst monitors how hydrated/dehydrated your character is (0 = dehydrated, 100 = hydrated). You can drink from rivers in order to regain thirst.


Sanity monitors how sane/instane your character currently is. Sanity is mostly lost in dungeons (but can be recovered by standing near Dungeon Statues). In the overworld, sanity is lost during the night but can be regained by standing near fires or being inside a building.


Hunger monitors how hungry your character is. All edible substances will increase your character's hunger.

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